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Aspen Snow Scene {Part 2} - Digital Painting Video

Painting Process Video - Shadows & Rabbits

If you didn't see the first part of this painting being created, check out "Part 1" and the first video in this blog post here.

Here is a new painting process video (sped up) showing shadows added to the aspen trees and rabbits in the snow! For "Mother Aspen" (coming 2024, published by Groundwood, written by Annette LeBox)

The snow and trees look incredibly flat until the shadows are added, then BOOM, the ground has shape. The shadows also really add distance as well as emphasizing soft dips in the snow.

The shadows further away are less purple and lighter (atmospheric distortion at it's best) and the closer ones have more contrast (similar process done to the trees.) Using this perspective tool creates depth in the painting.

The rabbits and the rabbit footprints were fun to add to make the scene come alive. The final scene has ravens (see below) although I may add some small birds in the snow as well.

Illustration of aspen trees in snow with rabbit
copyright Crystal Smith

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