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CBC Radio Interview for 'Maybe A Whale'!

This week, "Maybe A Whale" was featured on CBC's North X Northwest radio segment! What a surprise! We were very excited to hear Kirsten talk about the background and writing of this book, as well as discussing how nature is a powerful tool to help with mental health, especially when dealing with loss.

Kirsten talks about her kayaking experiences including how she found a pod of whales during one very hard trip, and the kind of connection that you feel when you're in the water with these amazing creatures. Living on the west coast, I have also spent time kayaking and paddle-boarding, including being among jellyfish, seals, and other wildlife. I've seen orcas and humpbacks (including calves) from the ferry boats on the way to Vancouver, and it never stops being an incredible and personal experience.

This is a 12 minute interview—take a listen!

Kirsten mentions free PDF downloads of a mobile and spinner craft for kids, featuring art from the books. You can print yours over here!


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