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Free the Myna Bird! - A Retro Poster

Caged no more...

Myna Bird Poster - copyright Crystal Smith
Myna Bird Poster - copyright Crystal Smith

Free the Myna!!

In this retro poster design, I’ve tried to capture (pardon the pun) the issue of the Black Winged Myna which has a critically endangered status.

Namely, that the bird has been the victim of illegal wildlife trade to the point where there are only an estimated 50 adults left in the wild. This bird is so highly sought after that its population has been decimated in its home in Java, Indonesia.


The Myna birds sell for $100-$2000 dollars each, depending on where they are being shipped. In fact, they are so valuable that a conservation breeding centre was broken into and robbed twice during June 2014. During these two robberies, 154 birds were stolen. Another 10 attempts were made which were unsuccessful.


Jet black wing markings and bright yellow eye decorations make the Myna a striking bird. I can see why so many people want to own one — but their tale really drives home the reality that even one illegally captured animal is too many, and that animal trafficking can actually make a huge difference to the wild population of a species.

This poster uses a mid-century design aesthetic and pastel colouring to spread the message of the Myna’s plight.

Grab a print for yourself here. (Much better than getting the real thing…trust me)

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