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Giant Blue Whale Bones in Ottawa, Canada

Blue whale bones in Ottawa.

Whale Bones in Ottawa

While I was traveling across Canada I visited every province in the country, and though they were all amazing, one of my favorites was Ottawa. Much of that was due to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, which is (to put it mildly) amazing.

First of all, the museum is huge; plus it is full of all my favorite things. From insects to wildlife, icebergs, taxidermy, and of course…bones! I’ll be posting more about other exhibits in the museum later, but for now, enjoy these Blue Whale bone photos.

This giant Blue Whale skeleton takes up two rooms in the museum. I’m not even as big as one of its flukes! Someday I want to meet a live Blue Whale in the ocean (bucket list), but for now, this is as close as I’ve come. The museum in Ottawa is amazing, be sure to visit it if you are ever in the area, and schedule in a few days to see all the exhibits.

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