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Giraffe in Black, White & Blue - Charcoal & Acrylic

Giraffe Drawing — Look Me in the Eye

The expressions on a giraffe are often hidden by their absolutely enormous eyelashes, leading you to believe they may be demure or shy. But if you’ve ever seen a giraffe fight (neck fight!) you know that’s not true. When they look you in the eye, you can see him looking back. As strange as their faces may appear sometimes, with the elongated nose and bumpy forehead (and strange tuffs at the top of the head) all their features fit together perfectly.

Giraffe painting in charcoal and acrylic
Giraffe, Shadow, Sky - copyright Crystal Smith

In this charcoal and acrylic painting, the giraffe merges with the sky, like so often appears as they stretch their long necks upwards. Where does the sky begin and the giraffe end?

Giraffe painting by Crystal Smith

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