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Little Romance on the Prairie - Buffalo & Groundhog Find Love

Buffalo on the prairie with blue birds on it's back - digital illustration

Love on a Buffalo

Of course, like any good Canadian, I grew up with "Little House on the Prairie" and my family would often go to Alberta for camping trips in the summer. I especially remember the heat, the flat lands, the sheet lightning, and the prairie dogs at the camp sites. We would try so hard to catch those darn creatures - but they always had another hole to pop out of. I don't remember seeing buffalo, but we certainly learned about them in school.

These iconic images came to mind when I was illustrating a few prairie pictures recently — depicting Canadian landscapes and wildlife for Valentine's Day. The dry feeling and warm colours came out in each; as I finally got to peek inside the prairie dog's home underground and to meet a buffalo.

Black tailed prairie dogs - digital illustration

all images Copyright Crystal Smith

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