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Making Connections with Gorillas

Meeting Gorillas at the Zoo

I arrived at the primate area in the Calgary Zoo just after the zoo opened and made a new friend. She was just lying there, looking at me. When I came towards her, she put her hand up to the glass, so I did too. Then she sat up and started mimicking me, wherever I touched the glass. She was eager to interact and garner attention. I felt sorry for her in her cage—wishing she could be out in the forests where she belongs.

It was really neat to interact with her and feel like I was being seen by such a beautiful and intelligent animal. When I tried to leave, she stood on her pail and banged her hands on the glass until I came back. Personally, I think she’s feeling left out because there is a new baby in the troop.

I also create some charcoal drawings exploring the silhouettes and shadows of gorillas using charcoal and white acrylic paint. You can get prints of these in the shop over here.

Charcoal gorilla drawings

Charcoal gorilla drawings

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