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Nostalgic Rabbits for Easter

Remembering Childhood Easter Egg Hunts –

When I spotted these easter eggs, right out of my yesteryear childhood Easter basket, I grabbed them off the shelf of that drug store so fast. The chocolate is crap. Oh ya, it’s bad. But I love the shiny foil wrappers, they’re the same ones we got as kids. I thought it might be fun to use the Easter eggs as inspiration for some colorful artwork.

So, I got out the felt pens and started drawing with bright colours! I used old printer photo paper (4×6″) that I especially like to draw on because of the shiny finish.

After finishing all the Easter bunny doodles, I scanned them in to the computer. Then I had a bit of fun, digitally painting Easter rabbits in various shapes and sizes. I took the scanned in marker designs and superimposed them on the rabbit drawings (hello Photoshop masking!) to create a collection of funky fashions for these Easter bunny illustrations!

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