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Saskatoon, City of Bridges — Photo Journal

I didn’t realize it until I arrived, but Saskatoon is called the city of bridges, and I certainly found more than a few during my time there on a winter trip across Canada. Walking along the South Saskatchewan River in a snowstorm, I worked hard to photograph these amazing structures in a haze of falling flakes. (I didn’t see many other people along the way, possibly a sign that walking along the river in a snowstorm was not the smartest idea. Well, hey, I’m a tourist.)

It was my first time visiting Saskatoon, and the family running the Airbnb I was staying at was incredibly friendly, giving me a few tours and helping me out when the weather was less than cooperative. The people in-town that I spoke with were all helpful and pointed me towards some of the most scenic areas.

I was taken on a tour of a spooky trestle bridge, where the trees nearby were covered in hoar frost (something I had never seen before) and mists rose from the river (also a first). I learned that when the water in the river is warmer than the air (-40’C in this case) the river actually steams, creating a beautiful and otherworldly scene. Saskatchewan may not be close to my beloved ocean, but they do have a beautiful ‘shoreline’.

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