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Capturing the Magic of Aquariums

Aquarium - digital painting - copyright Crystal Smith
Aquarium - digital painting - copyright Crystal Smith

The last aquarium I visited was in Toronto, “Ripley’s Aquarium” , and it was amazing. I loved the giant walk-through areas, where the aquarium surrounds you on both sides as well as above. You got a super close-up look at the sharks, rays and turtles, almost feeling like you were right underwater with them. I went through that part of the aquarium a couple of times, and the best part was that the floor had a moving walkway, so that you didn’t have to walk or jostle other people out of the way to see.

This digital illustration tries to capture some of that magic; from the back lit bluer-than-blue water, to the light streaming through the kelp. Not to mention a friendly face or two swimming along and saying hello.

What’s your favourite aquarium and why is it magical for you?

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