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TigerGRRL and Her Curious Collection

An illustration based on myself.

TIgerGRRL - copyright Crystal Smith
TigerGRRL - copyright Crystal Smith

A new illustration featuring Tiger GRRL! Inspired by my own love of collecting (especially what others might call ‘junk’) I’ve created this little girl and her amazing stuff. From mushrooms to broken combs, two-headed snakes and buoys…plus two little bats who are at home roosting in her little space.

One of the coolest things about TigerGRRL is that she gets to sleep in a tree. I used to climb the old oak tree in the front yard as a kid, but never got a chance to spend the night out there.

Does anyone else identify with Tiger GRRL? What do you collect that everyone else throws away…? I find museums an amazing spot for coming up with collection ideas.

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