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Waste Not, Want Not — A Second Life for Sharpies

I hate throwing out pens and markers, so I save my dried out Sharpies to do quick sketches with.

The rough dry sharpie nibs make unique marks you can’t normally get from a marker.

Seahorses are a great shape to sketch and their rough exo-skeleton bodies are perfect for the Sharpie.

Also: The Latin name for seahorse is Hippocampus which means “Horse Caterpillar”. Just in case you were wondering.

What to Do With Old Sharpie Pens

Try out your old dried up pens (make sure they’re not too dead and they still make a mark) and see what kind of interesting marks you can make. Maybe it’s just dots as you dab on the paper, or lines that die out halfway through. Old pens have a lot more character than new ones.

It’s exciting not to know exactly what you’re going to get. (It’s possible I sometimes leave lids off my Sharpies on purpose…my kindergarten teachers would be soooo disappointed!)


My fav seahorses are the sea dragons that look like they’re made out of seaweed! Their coloring looks spot on and their camouflage is amazing!


There are 40 different species of seahorses! They eat even more often than me, snacking 30–40 times a day!

What will you make?

Get creative and use a variety of different dried out markers (if you have that many) on one pic.

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