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Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

tiger digital painting graffiti
copyright Crystal Smith

Are you a tiger in the jungle or a tiger in the city?

2022 has arrived! Whether you’re ready to greet it with the fierceness of the tiger that represents it, or need some inspiration to get your GRRR on — you can grab this tiger as a card, print or canvas over here.

Tigers are brave, terrifying, a symbol of power, and sometimes cruel. A positive and strong zodiac that could also have some negative attributes (as they all do!) Maybe 2022 will be a year we can be braver and stronger. I'm hoping it's not going to be another terrifying year; we've all had enough of that.

If you want to browse some more Year of the Tiger art, check out the Smithsonian’s image collection over here featuring traditional Chinese pieces of great beauty. The Chinese Zodiac dates back from as early as 1000 BCE, and is based on the sixty-year rotation of the planet Jupiter around the sun.

This is a digital painting done in ArtRage and then touched up in Photoshop.

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