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Where to Get Puzzles Made of Your Artwork

Well, I think we’ve all learned the value of a good puzzle in the last few years. When you’re stuck at home, nothing beats watching Netflix, eating ice cream and doing a good puzzle. But as an artist, you may wonder if there's a good place to have a puzzle made from your own artwork.

Macaw Puzzle - Crystal Smith
Macaw Puzzle - Crystal Smith

And, just in time, Redbubble released a new product to customize, puzzles! I've used Redbubble for other products (stickers, shirts, waterbottles, etc.) and so far have been impressed with the quality. Strong, durable, and true colors.

Now, you can easily make your own puzzles on Redbubble by getting an account and uploading a photo or artwork at high resolution. Or you can pick up one of the many cool puzzles made by artists on the site. (Including me!)

One of the coolest features is that you can choose how many pieces you want your new custom puzzle to be. Anything from the 252 piece puzzle for young’uns, to the 1000 piece puzzle for the champion puzzlers!! (Or those with a lot of time on their hands and much patience.)

Another cool feature of the Redbubble puzzles is that they come in these collector tins. No more broken cardboard boxes, water damage or ‘oops, I accidentally stepped on the box and caved in one of the sides’. Which means they stack beautifully, make a nice gift, and are protected from water damage.

Ok, if you’re ready to pick out your next puzzle, check out my collection first (please!) I’ve tried to choose colourful, challenging yet fun, designs! Without further ado: take a look at my puzzle shop!

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