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Winter Illustrations for Canada

fox on ice sheets / digital painting
Fox on Ice - copyright Crystal Smith

Although I live in BC, the Canadian province with the warmest winters, I have had a chance to experience the ten feet of snow and ice sheets that the rest of the country has during the season. BRRRR. I prefer cold weather to hot, but even I found January in Winnipeg to be a bit too nippy.

The fox (in the image above) was taken from an experience I had just outside PEI. When my bus was crossing the Confederation Bridge after leaving the island, I glanced out the window to see a red fox fishing off one of the ice chunks surrounding PEI. A very, very cold seafood buffet!

caribou digital painting
Migrating Caribou - copyright Crystal Smith

This year my winter illustrations for the David Suzuki Foundation’s fundraising cards, I explored different wildlife in the winter, from the caribou to the bear! Although the ‘Caribou Island” image above is from my imagination, caribou do travel quite a bit and could easily swim from island to island.

If you’d like to have these digital paintings for yourself, or send them as beautiful cards (The cards and envelopes are made from 100 per cent post-consumer waste recycled fibre) for the season, then head over to the David Suzuki Foundation website shop right here.

grizzly bear hibernating in green
Snoring Grizzly - copyright Crystal Smith

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