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Mother Aspen - kids book cover


Written by Annette LeBox
Illustrations by Crystal Smith

Published by Groundwood Books

Mother Aspen - kids book cover

Mother Aspen : A Story of How Forests Cooperate & Communicate

A story of symbiosis, inspired by the groundbreaking work of Dr. Suzanne Simard

For centuries, Mother Aspen has cared for her community. She shelters and feeds the inhabitants of her grove. She is hundreds of years old, and her children are the sprouts that she sends up from her roots. Above ground, the aspens use the sun to produce sugar. Below ground, fungi wrap threads around the aspens’ roots, feeding on the sugar that they cannot make themselves. And in exchange, the fungi carry messages from tree to tree — warnings of drought, disease and infestations.

As the seasons and years pass, the forest inhabitants continue to thrive by working together — but when a violent storm upends the order of things, can the forest survive without its mother tree?

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