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Four ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟 by the Canadian Review of Materials

Both Kirsten Pendreigh and I were excited to see 'Maybe A Whale' reviewed by the CRM online! Every review and article is important when publishing and marketing a children's book, and this one is no exception.

Julia Pitre highly recommended our picture book, with kind words as follows:

Maybe a Whale is a beautiful story about a mother and daughter’s journey to heal from their grief and to reconnect with each other and the ocean. Loss and memory are strong themes, as well as celebrating life through the ocean. With digital paint and layered textures, Crystal Smith has created stunning images that portray the ocean and surrounding wilderness from different perspectives. Using sea tones of varying shades of green and blue, Smith creates illustrations that are bright and soft and appear to almost glow. Pendreigh’s words are lyrical and give readers a detailed description of the girl’s journey in a few words, such as when they pack for their trip and all the creatures that they see beneath the surface. Readers of all ages who love the outdoors and can relate to some form of loss will appreciate this story a great deal.

See the full review over here.

Maybe A Whale - cover art
Maybe A Whale - cover art


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