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Maybe A Whale - Children's Book Cover Release

I’m very excited to show you the official cover for "Maybe A Whale", coming Fall ’23 from Groundwood Books! This touching children’s book is written by Kirsten Pendreigh and I was honored to illustrate.

After Grandpa dies, a girl and her mother take the trip he had planned for them, kayaking along the Pacific west coast to look for the whales that he loved.

The story is a beautiful journey, with an ending that made me gasp and feel a bit teary eyed as I connected their kayak adventure to the emotional quest the characters went on throughout the book. Kirsten is an amazing author and the lyrical text makes it a joy to read outloud. I was honored to lend my paintbrush to this story.

This is the first children’s book I’ve illustrated for a publisher and it was a long, hard, and very rewarding process. I had almost nine months to do the illustrations, which are digital, and it seemed to speed by. I definitely found weaknesses in my drawings that I hadn’t realized needed some beefing up, so I’ll be working on those things in the future, but I’m proud of the work in this book and hope that it illuminates the wonderful story by Kirsten.

MAYBE A WHALE comes out in Fall 2023 and I’ll be adding the pre-order links as they come up. This heartwarming story will take you on an unexpected journey and hopefully leave you feeling uplifted.

I’m excited to work on my next book (also published by Groundwood Books), so stay tuned for more news on that!


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